All this lockdown will do is restrict people and ruin their mental health while allowing for the virus to run wild.

Right now, I feel very helpless and a little bit mugged off. After watching the announcements which were made on Saturday evening, I cannot help but feel as if Boris is still not taking the issue at hand seriously. Going into a second lockdown with the hope of saving Christmas at this point is useless and will not make much of a difference, people are just going to have to understand that Christmas this year will not be the same and as unfair as that is for some, many people this year have experienced holidays during lockdown that just weren’t…

This treatment of students feels scummy and close to inhumane.


At the moment, I am in my second year of university. After attending one institution for my first year, I moved to another for my second year as I felt isolated.

Right now, I’m not sure how I feel about the general response from higher education facilities around the country. Most courses are fully online at my university, I have one day a month to attend in person classes. Everything else is online, online lectures, online ‘breakout’ rooms, online seminar sessions. …

People don’t know who to vote for and just end up voting for whoever all their friends are choosing.

I spent my entire childhood growing up in East London, only very recently moving out to Brighton for university. Although seeming irrelevant it has meant that I have always been surrounded by Labour supporters, many of the older members of my family have blindly supported Labour for years, voting for the party in every election without looking at the policies they have had to offer or anything any other parties have stated.

The majority of London comes out Labour in most general elections, my politics teacher had always said to me that London was a collection of safe seats for…

I feel like the movement is currently in a position where it is too far gone to re-root it.

Let’s make this clear, I am not a supporter of the #NotAllMen movement and nor am I opposing the original basis of the #MenAreTrash movement, instead I’m just voicing concerns over what the idea has become more recently.

With the airing of Love Island and the behaviour of some of the boys on the programme there has been a major uprising of the ‘men are trash’ idea. Whenever I scroll on my timeline, I see tweet after tweet saying, ‘say it together everyone, men are trash’.

The British education system does not test intelligence at all, but instead just how far someone can push themselves before they finally break down.

Exam Stress and Pressure via Childline

Recently I have completed my A-Level exams and am patiently awaiting results day, which will be in the middle of August, to find out if I received the grades I wanted and will be able to attend my first-choice university this year.

I along with hundreds of thousands of other students across the country have been working exceptionally hard over the past two years in order to sit the exams we did. I had seen people sitting in the library for hours a day after school hours and many students staying up all night to revise for exams.

Many teachers…

These concepts have become so engrained to be normal for some people that they don’t even realise that this is, in fact, abuse.

Emotional abuse is by far one of the most ‘swept under the carpet’ and excused types of abuse, something which is shocking considering it is so common. So many people face emotional abuse and don’t even realise it. It was found that 36% of women experienced emotional abuse growing up and 43% had experienced it in a relationship in the past five years. Not to say that men don’t also experience it to the same degree, but these are just the stats that came up when searching.

There are many things which some people may see as regular in their…

I felt like my entire life was over and there were very few people who I could empathise with.

Almost two years ago now I lost my mum to a heart condition. Having just turned 16 and started sixth form just weeks before, I felt like my entire life was over and there were very few people who I could empathise with. Although I had family all around me who were also suffering the same loss, my younger sister, my grandmother, my uncle, my aunts, cousins and many other family members who I hadn’t spoken to in years and even some I had never met, I had never felt more alone in my life.

I think experiencing loss, especially…

The more we make young people feel like their opinions are invalid the more we push them into isolation

This weekend I went to the “People’s Vote” march in London, the first march I have ever attended and the first time I have ever actually felt politically involved. Being a few months short of voting, it is hard to feel like I am actually involved in the large political movements around me.

While there I met swarms of young people, the same age and some even younger than me with signs reading ‘too young to vote on an issue that will affect me’ something which resonated with me heavily. …

Jasmine Mannan

Student with strong opinions, a passion for politics and a fond enjoyment of talking about why young people have to deal with a lot of shit.

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